Unlike any picture disc pressed before!

16kHz is proud to offer an innovative and proprietary  new product that will excite any record collector. Our 7" picture discs are pressed at our Oakland, CA location and all the materials used are made in the USA. Please continue reading below to find out what makes this product unique.

Fast and Affordable

With the resugence of vinyl records in the market place it's no secret that you're going to be waiting a long time until you get your records. Through the design and make up of our picture disc manufacturing process, we can happily say should we reach capacity we will be able to widen our output upon demand. Our goal is to keep the lead time short so these can be in your hands for tours, records release shows or other events.

These discs are pressed using a completely new method which allows us to keep pricing competitive with standard and custom 7" pressings. For the first time you don't need to have deep pockets to afford to press a picture disc! Records are finished in a clear poly sleeve to be sold as is, eliminating the added cost of fold over or printed glue pocket jackets.


Utilizing modern printing technology allows us to create unlimited quantities for variants. No limits! All we need is artwork for each version.

Sound Quality Specs



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